Services and Processes

All of our creations are entirely built in-house using (but not limited to) the following techniques and processes:

3D scanning and digital clean up
3D printing
CNC milling
CNC turning
GRP (fibreglass mould making and casting)
Electronic Design and PCB Manufacture
Foam fabrication
Pattern Making and tailoring
Arduino (microcontroller) coding
Animation software programming
CAD Design (Fusion 360)
Welding (steel and Aluminium) and metal fabrication
Leather work
Traditional Sculpture (Clay, wax, wood etc)
Digital Sculpture (Z Brush)
Silicone Casting, painting and finishing
Hair work
Prop making
Scenic building
Speciality costume making
Animatronic Design
Concept design
Puppet Making
Eyeball making

If you need a bespoke one of a kind project we would love to hear from you.

animatronic walking leg mechanism