costume commission - realistic herdwick sheep creature suit with micro-controlled animatronic head

Commissions and manufacture

As our reputation for creating some of the most high quality, original characters in the world of street theatre grew – other companies working in outdoor arts, theatre and film began hiring us as freelance artists and commissioning us to bring their visions to life. If you’re looking for specialists in puppet making, creature suits, prop making, animatronic creatures, mask making, special effects, model making, theatrical effects, hard and soft edge costume making, speciality costumes, mascots, bespoke costumes or Illusions then why not send an email to discuss your project.

As natural problem solvers, we always strive to find the best solution. Sometimes the only answer is to make a complicated robot, and other times the solution is more straightforward to achieve! Although we have a armoury of high-tech techniques and tools at our disposal, we never overlook the power of a simple idea executed perfectly.

A day of work at The Flying Buttresses – where one moment you could be making a remote control flame cannon and the next you are casting glow-in-the-dark eyeballs – is never boring! Every day is an opportunity to try a new experiment or invent a new technique. We consider animatronics to be at the nexus point of art and science where physics, chemistry and mechanical engineering go hand in hand with painting, sculpture and animation. The entertainment possibilities of this technology are boundless and each new project is an opportunity to push the limits of what is currently possible.

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with The Flying Buttresses. They nurtured our germ of an idea and brought it to life with their amazing skill, creativity, meticulousness and professionalism. The end product far exceeded our expectations and we would not hesitate recommending them to anybody else in the business!”

Mel Gifford Bread and Butter Theatre Co

See more of our commissions and some behind the scenes photos here.


Every film is a massive collaborative effort, we have been honoured to have been part of the talented teams that brought the following projects to life:

The Corpse Bride
Guardians of the Galaxy
Artemis Fowl
Antman and The Wasp, Quantumania

Other commissioned work:

Theatre Productions
The Gretchen Question, Fuel
Howard-Annabelle’s Skirting Board Adventure
Kynren, Outdoor Spectacular
The London Olympic Games Welcoming Ceremony
Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare’s Globe
Joe Pasquale, Just Joe Tour

TV and Streaming
Knuckles Paramount +

Outdoor Arts Companies
Upper Level
Bread and Butter Theatre co
Fraser Hooper
Jason Maverick
Wet Picnic
Creature Encounters
Matt Ricardo
Circo Rum Ba Ba