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...faces light up

“I loved watching people's faces light up as they saw you.” Sara Clews, Jersey Arts Centre


...the best

“The best walkabout costumes I’ve ever seen.” Jules, Continental Drifts excellent job

‘Everyone was in awe of them, they were great, people are still chatting about them now! … I thought it would be tougher to impress a crowd of 21 year olds, but they did an EXCELLENT job and really made my party that bit more special!’ Charlotte Murray, 21st Birthday Girl









Flying Buttresses - Pongo with Bill OddityBuilding on their reputation for exquisite characterisation and seamless illusion, The Flying Buttresses present their interactive Walkabout act: Pongo!

Inquisitive, affectionate, adorable and cheeky; the world's only eight-foot baby Obobee bird is loved by adults and children alike for his charming personality and stunning appearance.

This playful little hatchling is accompanied by eccentric pet shop owner Bill Oddity, a travelling salesman with a menagerie of the galaxy's most extraordinary creatures.

Pongo is a unique animatronic creature, custom built to allow for life-like animations, from the subtlest fluttering of Pongo’s eye-lids to his magnificent leaps and bounds.

Flying Buttresses Pongo with Bill OddityHaving accidentally been transported to our world with his dimension-hopping pet shop, Bill Oddity must find a way home by any means possible... and if he can shift some stock on the way, so much the better.

Prospective customers will be introduced to Pongo - an 8 ft tall flightless bird that is allergic to feathers, a mint condition Shroedringer's cat (which may or may not be in its original packaging) and a host of other critters that are cared for by, or otherwise infest, Bill.

Quantum physics meets animal husbandry.