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"Hodman and Sally were adorable! I am surprised you made it back together, so many people wanted to take you home!"
- Carol Wint, Manchester International Arts.


...the best

“The best walkabout costumes I’ve ever seen.” Jules, Continental Drifts



Fan art

Thanks very much to all the people who have sent us nice letters and artwork.
Here is a selection of some of the items we have received… Enjoy!

Some beautiful illustrations by the wonderful and talented Erna Westrup. Erna and her lovely husband Fritz met Hodman and Sally in Hasselt. Erna liked them so much she sent a new cartoon every week for months. At Christmas she had them bound into books for Hodman and Sally. See more of her fantastic work here:




Thank you to the Cass Family for adopting a Hodman figurine and taking
him with them on their travels.


hodman on holiday


hodman on holiday


  hodman on holiday at stonehenge  


letter from a fan


Thanks Shirley, I used to think that eating sweets occasionally was fine, right up until I had my first pair of wooden dentures fitted. - Hodman




sally forth by harriet




Harriet, you must be careful sending me all these portraits, you will give me a big head!. - Sally






hodman by fan




You have a real talent, well done. I love what you've done with my hair style in this one. - Hodman




flying buttresses fan art



Thanks very much Megan. I especially like the green flowers! - Sally
Megan, Gloucester age 9