The Flying Buttresses

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"Hodman and Sally were adorable! I am surprised you made it back together, so many people wanted to take you home!"
- Carol Wint, Manchester International Arts.


...the best

“The best walkabout costumes I’ve ever seen.” Jules, Continental Drifts


Hodman dodmanott and sally forth at Festivalul


The Flying Buttresses have performed at, and created new characters for, events and festivals all over the world, ranging from the London Olympics to private functions.



Hodman and Sally have been to a lot of weddings....   And met a lot of people.....
hodman and sally have been to a lot of weddings  

Our experienced team of improvisational entertainers can make any audience feel special, tailoring their performances to suit any environment.

Bright, eye-catching poster designs for all types of concert & theatrical events and promotions, designed with full client consultation and market-targeted planning. Our acts are very adaptable. The ‘other-worldly’ nature of our characters mean that we will always stand out in the crowd at any event!

hodman and sally go shopping