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"Hodman and Sally were adorable! I am surprised you made it back together, so many people wanted to take you home!"
- Carol Wint, Manchester International Arts.


...the best

“The best walkabout costumes I’ve ever seen.” Jules, Continental Drifts



Here are just a few of the organisations we have worked for and with in recent years...

the flying buttresses have worked with many different organisations, includig tim burton, bbc, nickelodeon, jim hensens creature shop, scott free and others

And a few of the things we have made...

Full scale sculpture for animatronic dragon costume by The Flying ButtressesScale maquette for 14 ft animatronic dragon costumeA range of realistic and stylised eyes for animatronics and sculpture by The Flying Buttresses'Rosinante' Horse suit, with leg extensions, for Don QuixoteMiniature silicone human head with animatronic eyes and mouth.Detail on miniature armour for Street TheatreServo operated timing pullies with adjustable belt tensioning and 'servo saver' capabilities for animatronics.  Designed and machined by The Flying Buttresses.Poseable armature for Stop Motion film. Miniature engineered aluminium and steel joints.Radio controlled illuminated wings for holiday on Ice.  Elements of this costume were built by members of The Flying Buttresses for Applied Arts.Wings for Romeo and Juliet at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Prometheus.  Electronic costume elements for Ivo Coveny, FbFx and 20th Century fox. Image copyright 20th Century Fox.

Prometheus.  Electronic costume elements for Ivo Coveny, FbFx and 20th Century Fox.
Image copyright 20th Century Fox.

The Flying Buttresses team of artists and innovators are currently undertaking commissions for all manner of props, puppets, costumes, creatures, monsters, maquettes and other special effects for the creative arts industry.